What's your Skin type?

It is important to realise that Annique can be tailored to every skin type and that this usually involves mixing and matching products from different series. To get optimal results it is therefore always important to consult your Annique consultant on which products you should use. This page only gives a very rough example of which series can be used for which skin type.

Dry Skin


-White flaky skin
-Skin feels tight especially after bathing or swimming.
-Dark skin looks grey.

Recommendation: Lucid




Oily/Problem Skin


 -Pores appear large.
 -Skin appears shiny.
 -Blackheads and/or pimples.


Recommendation: Facefacts,  Synergy 



Normal Skin


-      Skin is not too dry or too oily
-      Smooth complexion
-      Barely visible pores
-      No severe sensitivity

Recommendation: HydrafineEssense





Combination Skin


-Skin appears dry in some areas and oily in others such as the nose, forehead and chin.
-Skin appears shiny in areas.


Recommendation: Hydrafine







Sensitive Skin


-Skin is prone to redness, burning or itching
-Skin reacts to changes in temperatures.
-Often reacts negatively to the application of skincare products.


Recommendation: EssenseHydrafineResQueLucid

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