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Do you have a DRY SKIN

Then Lucid is the perfect skincare range that will re-hydrate and protect your skin.  


It is important to cleanse your skin only once a day to remove impurities without stripping the skin from its natural oils:

Lucid Cleanser for dry skin comes in a handy bottle with a pump.  Use about 3 "pumps", spread it over your skin and either wipe it off with a damp cloth or rinse it off with clean water or Rooibos tea. Dab slightly dry - do not rub vigorously.   

Use your serum next on the clean slightly damp skin.  Spread it over your hands and press onto skin.

Revitalising crème is used in the same way and should be used every day.

Then apply your Lucid moisturiser or Lucid night cream.  Put the size of a pea in your clean palms, spread it over your palms and press it over your whole face.

How to choose which Lucid moisturiser is better for you:

If your face creams are disappearing like dew under the sun or if your skin feels tight and you see more lines appearing because the skin is just not getting enough moisture, apply the Lucid Moisturiser for dry skin.  This is unsurpassed!  A thick crème that can be re-applied throughout the day but it provides that extra layer that every dry skin needs.  Perfect during winter months when the heating is on and your skin suffers more from dehydration.

Similarly, the Lucid moisture lotion replenishes the moisture in the skin with the difference that it is a lotion.  It is easier to spread out over the palms and it does not look the least bit shiny on the skin.  This moisturiser is preferred by younger dry skin and easy to wear during summer.  It feels light but it is a strong moisturiser that also provides a hydration in abundance.

Then end your regime by spraying your face with a squirt or two of Lucid Freshener.  This helps the skin to restore the pH balance and to calm the skin.  A freshener is a tonic for the skin.  You can also spray the two squirts in your hands, spread it over your palms and press it lightly onto your skin.  It is wonderful to keep your freshener close by during a warm summer day - give your skin a quick spray and feel how it cools down. 

Lucid skincare

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